Voltaic Strategic Resources Limited (ASX:VSR) (Voltaic) is a mineral exploration company that has assembled a portfolio of exciting battery and precious metals exploration projects in the Gascoyne and Meekatharra regions of Western Australia (WA), and in Nevada, USA. The company is led by an experienced corporate and technical team who have demonstrable success with exploration IPOs, M&A, and assembling highly prospective tenure.

Voltaic’s portfolio of projects represent a well-balanced, early-stage exploration opportunity that has the potential for lithium, rare earth elements (REE), gold, copper, nickel, cobalt, and PGE discoveries within geological domains of known mineralisation potential.

The origin and significance of the name ‘Voltaic Strategic Resources’ is twofold; the ‘strategic resources’ component reflects the company’s purpose, which is to discover an economic mineral deposit of ‘strategic’ minerals (‘battery’, ‘magnet’, ‘critical’ or ‘precious’ minerals considered vital for the economy), and the word ‘voltaic’ pays homage to Italian scientist Alessandro Volta, who is credited with the discovery of the first battery. Moreover, the Voltaic Strategic Resources (VSR) logo is a symbolic representation of Volta’s original battery which comprised alternating discs of zinc and copper. A summary of the strategic minerals that VSR is exploring for is provided in the illustration above.


Voltaic Strategic Resources is pursuing the discovery of tier-one mineral deposits that can be used to meet the resource needs of society. We achieve this by applying advanced mineral exploration techniques in under-explored regions, in a sustainable and ethical manner. Our target commodities are lithium, rare-earth elements, nickel, copper, cobalt, and gold.